O2 is going to launch 4G Network on August 29th

Posted by Mobile News Tuesday, 6 August 2013 0 comments

O2 has made an announcement that its 4G network will start to operate on August 29th2013. The network will cover London, Bradford and will reach out to almost five million people.
10 other cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Lesiecter, Convetry Sheffield, Manchester, New Castle and Birmingham will be covered by the end of the year, the report says.
By the end of 2015, the company is planning to make this 4G network available to more people, almost two million people per month. And 98% of the UK population will come under the network.
O2 is launching a plan that charges 26 pounds a month initially. One can avail SIM and the name of the plan is O2 refresh. Prepay facility will be available in the months ahead. 

O2 Withdraws of Telecare and Telehealth Market in the UK

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Seeing the poor performance of telecare and telehealth products and services, O2 is in a mood to withdraw its service and solutions. According they have stopped selling its Help at Hand telehealth and Health at Home telecer products in the UK. 

On its O2 health website, they mention that e-Health service sector remains an important priority and its parent company Telefonica. They have reached a conclusion to stop these two services as a result. Customers who has already subscribed will now receive a full refund and their service would be free of cost for the rest of the year.

Alone in Q1 TalkTalk Achieves 13% of Mobile Base Growth

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Only in the first quarter of 2014 (April-June), TalkTalk has increased its subscriber numbers by 13%. The total numbers of mobile customers grow by 27,000. Now their base customers are almost 202,000
In the financial year 2013, the total base customers were of 85,000.

The reasons explained by the company itself are two. They said- their simple tariff and attractive handsets contribute to this remarkable achievement.