Samsung's New Innovation Center In Europe

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Samsung opens a new Innovation Center in Europe. It’s at Fleet Place in London’s district.

The opening ceremony is attended by the Samsung Electronics Europe CEO SP Kim and the head of marketing Mania Miller.

Samsung said the center brings together a team incorporating product innovation, product planning, software and design which will influence the company’s range of products and services for consumers and businesses across Europe.

The center will identify innovation projects to match the needs of consumers. The manufacturer said the increasing investment in research and development is part of its global strategy, with around $10.8 billion invested in this area last year.

Samsung is going to Open Pop-up Store on Portobello Road

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Samsung is going to open a pop-up store on London’s Portobello Road on October 2013. It will showcase all its products including Galaxy Tab 3 which has not yet gone on sale in the UK. 

The Samsung Galaxy Studio will close down by the end of November and in its place the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and smartwatch and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.Visitors to this shop will get hands-on time with devices that want to buy and can create their customized content which is the key feature of these devices. 

Samsung is working closely with almost eight dealers in London on this project which includes hair, nail salons and a face.

There is a chocolate bar called Kitkat. Google has entered into a deal with the maker nestle and has declared that it will make the next version of Android smartphone OS after the name of this chocolate. 
This 4.4 version of Adndroid version is expected to be out by coming October.This has been announced by Google’s head of Android Mr. Sundar Pichai. He tweeted a picture and showcased that outside their offices.

Verizon Wireless Is Sold at $84b

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Vodafone has sold its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless to its parent Verizon Communications for $130 billion (£84 billion).
Shareholders in Vodafone will have $84 billion worth in shares returned to them, while the operator has also said it will invest £6 billion over three financial years in its network and services.

‘Project Spring’ will focus on accelerating Vodafone’s 4G network rollout, so that it covers 90 per cent of its five main European markets by 2017. It will also invest in deeper 3G coverage and capacity in “mature markets”.

A portion of the £6 billion will also be spent on unified communications, with Vodafone extending its fiber rollout and enterprise service portfolio (which includes cloud and machine to machine services).

O2 is going to launch 4G Network on August 29th

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O2 has made an announcement that its 4G network will start to operate on August 29th2013. The network will cover London, Bradford and will reach out to almost five million people.
10 other cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Lesiecter, Convetry Sheffield, Manchester, New Castle and Birmingham will be covered by the end of the year, the report says.
By the end of 2015, the company is planning to make this 4G network available to more people, almost two million people per month. And 98% of the UK population will come under the network.
O2 is launching a plan that charges 26 pounds a month initially. One can avail SIM and the name of the plan is O2 refresh. Prepay facility will be available in the months ahead. 

O2 Withdraws of Telecare and Telehealth Market in the UK

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Seeing the poor performance of telecare and telehealth products and services, O2 is in a mood to withdraw its service and solutions. According they have stopped selling its Help at Hand telehealth and Health at Home telecer products in the UK. 

On its O2 health website, they mention that e-Health service sector remains an important priority and its parent company Telefonica. They have reached a conclusion to stop these two services as a result. Customers who has already subscribed will now receive a full refund and their service would be free of cost for the rest of the year.

Alone in Q1 TalkTalk Achieves 13% of Mobile Base Growth

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Only in the first quarter of 2014 (April-June), TalkTalk has increased its subscriber numbers by 13%. The total numbers of mobile customers grow by 27,000. Now their base customers are almost 202,000
In the financial year 2013, the total base customers were of 85,000.

The reasons explained by the company itself are two. They said- their simple tariff and attractive handsets contribute to this remarkable achievement. 

2013 is a Great Year Ahead- Sony

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Chinese Press report shows that China Mobile Ltd has a hike in profit of only 2.7% in 2012. According to previous report, this is the slowest one in the last three years. Moreover, the reason is quite valid behind this. This world’s largest operator has been made crippled by the low-end users and high handsets subsidies.
The net increase this year is 129.3 billion Yuan from 125.87 billion Yuan in the previous year. This has been reported on behalf of the company. This statement has been made by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday. As per the statement this is an unfortunate rise this year which is just only 2.7%.
The net profit of the previous year was sharply better than that of this year. It was 127.4 billion Yuan. This is the first time fell in profit since 2009 according to Reuters.